30 Years After DBM is a special mini-comic that is over-exaggerated. It features a battle where Uub and Bra fight against Freeza.
30 years after dbm comic
It features characters  from Universe: 8, 16, and 18.


Uub and Bra power up to fight against Majin Perfect Freeza, with Bra transforming into a Super Saiyan, Uub then uses  a Kaio-ken x40,000,000 and attacks Freeza but is killed after an unseen battle which lasts over 600 pages. Uub the  admits that he loved Bra and her rage transforms her into a Mystic Super Saiyan 5. Bra defeats Freeza with one punch but he then states he will blow up the multiverse, Freeza is then turned into a duck and killed by Bra before he is  able to do so. Bra then resurrects Uub, giving him a better mustache, and heads of to resurrect Gokū, Pan, and Cell (who is apparently a hero now).


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