"There isn't just one universe, but many of them, and each of them follows its own path. But, all with the same situations and the same choices, so they are all alike. A few unexpected events make a universe slightly differ from another. For example, in one universe, the sky of your planet could be red, in another it could by conquered by aliens, and another species could live on it."
— A really strange tournament!

A really strange tournament! is the first chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse.


Broly and Vegetto clenched fist contacted each other, causing a huge explosion. Both fighters then preformed their most powerful attacks to collide with one another. Everyone feared for the attacks incoming power and took their short time to prepare their defense. After the exposion cleared, most spectators were on the ground.


A large ship from Universe 5098487923674 landed onto the lookout of Earth. Mr. Popo spots the ship and wonders if they're allowed to land there. Piccolo notices that it's a Namekian ship and allows them. Three Namekians leave the ship which they are accompanied by a Vargas. The outsiders then explain why they have landed is to create a tournament which brings multiple parallel universes together to fight against each other. The most powerful fighters on the planet were summoned and they all appeared on Kami's lookout. Gokū, Pan, and Uub entered the tournament, along with Vegeta who was a bit skeptical. Goten and Trunks asked if they could join as Gotenks and the Namekians replied that they along with explaining the rules. Piccolo and Gohan said they were coming as spectators. Vegeta then entered the ship without hesitation with Gokū and his students following. Chichi told Gokū to be careful, which the Vargas replying that the Dragon Balls would "fix" them if they're hurt. The warriors entered a universe with no life in it and landed on a giant tournament ring. After examining the entire tournament arena, Gohan spotted Cell.



  • The Prologue continues on to the beginning of Chapter 11.