Android 16
Android16 12 color
Jinzōningen Jū Roku-Gō
Alternate names #16
Artificial Human No. 16
Debut Page 57
Race Android
  • Dr. Gero (creator)
  • Dr. Gero's son (template)
  • Trunks (comrade)
  • Bulma (comrade)
  • "There it is, I'm a man in your eyes now? You're not heartless... You combine passion and duty. I'm not worried anymore, your universe is in good hands. I give up."
    — Android 16, to Eleim, in The taste of revenge


    Android 16 is a character in Dragon Ball Multiverse. He enters the tournament along with his partner, Trunks.


    Unlike the Android in Universe 18, Android 16 was never discovered until Year 790. He was discovered by Trunks and repaired by Bulma. Trunks knew about Android 16's love for life and humanity, so he planned to use him to help rebuild civilization on Earth. So Trunks gave Android 16 the choice and he accepted with the risk of him being destroyed if he ever harmed a human.


    Sixteen's debut is in Chapter 3, along with Trunks. Android 16 and Trunks arrived at the tournament and began conversing with Gohan and Videl from Universe 16. An hour later, he met up with the Universe 18 Gohan and began talking to him alongside Trunks. Android 16 stated that he still wanted to kill Gokū.

    He does not reappear in the comic until Chapter 7, sleeping while Trunks is eating his lunch and standing behind Trunks when he destroys Broly's blast. He is also seen again in Chapter 11, being the only one to sense Vegetto's motionless power.

    In Chapter 17 he faces of Eleim from Universe 19 but lost to him.

    He reccently apeared in Babidi's trap in a non vocal cameo


    • Despite being forced to help rebuild Earth with Trunks, he enjoys doing so, and sees Trunks as an ally.

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