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Debut Page 27
  • Freeza (boss)
  • Appule is an alien from Universe 8, and is one of Freeza's Mid-level soldiers. He was a minor character in the original manga, and thus far remains a minor character. He came to the tournament as a spectator.


    Thirty-Two Years Ago

    Appule was present in the wake of (a currently-unexplained) an attack on one of Freeza's prized homes, and he was charged with carrying Ginyu's body away after the Captain was shot through the chest by Freeza. The circumstances hint that Ginyu may have switched bodies with Appule while he was being carried away, exchanging his fate with the true Appule, who would be too injured to reveal Ginyu's treachery.


    Appule joins Universe 8 as a spectator. During the rest before Round 2, Appule is seen as one of the first soldiers that come to Freeza's mind while contemplating whose body Ginyu might have taken.

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