Arale Norimaki
Arale U2
Norimaki Arare
Debut Page 150
Race Android
Date of birth 744 Age
  • Senbei Norimaki (creator/surrogate father)
  • Midori Norimaki (surrogate mother)
  • Turbo Norimaki (surrogate brother)
  • Gadzilla "Gatchan" Norimaki 1 (surrogate brother)
  • Gadzilla "Gatchan" Norimaki 2 (surrogate brother)
  • Arale Norimaki is one of the characters native to Universe 2. As with most of these characters, Arale is a creation of Akira Toriyama from a work apart from Dragon Ball, in her case the Dr. Slump manga and anime. Unlike the rest of the characters, Arale has a Universe 18 counterpart, who appeared in Dragon Ball during the Red Ribbon saga in a mini-crossover with Dr. Slump.

    First Round

    Arale's first adversary was Mary Sue, also from Universe 2. Despite Mary Sue's "powers" Arale won the match with a single uppercut that sent her flying upwards.

    Second Round

    Her next battle was against Android 18. She was shown to be able to bend reality and defy physics by throwing a planet at Android 18, but as she admitted to have lost some power over time, Arale mentioned she also needs refills every so often. Arale continues to take out a bottle of milk, but it is unfortunately empty. Arale, exhausted of her energy, falls on the ground and not moving for 30 seconds, giving the victory to Android 18 and losing the tournament for Universe 2.


    Arale has never really had a chance to demonstrate exactly how powerful she truly is, but we can guess she is at least as powerful as the Androids, based on her fight with #18 in the second round. Piccolo from Universe 18 stated that she may even have the power to defeat Perfect Cell.