• Bibidi (father)
  • Dabura (underling)
  • Pui Pui (underling)
  • Babidi made his special and only appearance in Chapter 32, when he was shown to be angry at his minions for not getting enough energy to awaken Majin Buu. Babidi suggests leaving since there is not enough energy, but Pui Pui reports to have found Gohan, and Babidi rethinks until Gohan shows up and suggests they leave. Babidi accepts but was just kidding since Dabra immediately attacked Gohan. Babidi leaves to watch the battle from inside the ship, witnessing Dabra try to turn Gohan into stone and instead turns Pui Pui into stone. Babidi yells out to Dabra angrily since he did not want Gohan to be killed so Babidi could take his energy. Gohan goes inside the spaceship and is trapped while he battle Yakon and his sister. Babidi sees how ruthless Gohan is and tries to make him Majin, but it does not work. Babidi had ordered Dabra to give his energy to the cocoon as a punishment, a plan that backfired since Dabra was wounded by Gohan severely after Gohan escaped. Dabra was defenseless and Babidi hid behind him as Gohan fired a Masenko, killing Dabra. In an act of desperation, Babidi tries to summon Majin Buu, an act that became ultimately useless since there was not enough energy to summon Majin Buu. Gohan sees Babidi sobbing, and being worthy of Gokū, Vegeta, and Piccolo's legacy, fires a Kamehameha and kills Babidi.


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