Bardock change of destiny
Alternate names Bardock


Debut Page 413
Race Saiyan
Date of birth July 7, Age 713
Date of death Age 737
Height 5'11"
Weight 222 lbs
  • Hanasia (mate)
  • Raditz (son)
  • Gokū (son)
  • Gohan (grandson)
  • Goten (grandson)
  • Pan (great-granddaughter)
  • "Some lives and destinies can change with a single and simple event. In the story you all know, Baddack has killed this man and didn't care much about it."
    — Narration of Universe 3: Visions of the future. As Baddack stands before the Kanassan ready to kill him.

    This Baddack comes from Universe 18. His history is the same, but he did not received the psychic powers from the Kanassan.

    He goes to planet meat as per Freeza's order along with his crew, but due to a technicality, he arrives considerably later than his team mates. He is surprised to find them mostly dead. With his best friend dying in his arms, warning him of Freeza's incoming genocide. With Freeza's elite soldiers mocking him. In the battle than ensures, Baddack easily kills all of Freeza's elites. But face to face with Dodoria, he can do nothing but take the blast.

    Unbeknownst to Dodoria, Baddack survived the blast, having being shielded by his dead teammates. He rushes back to Planet Vegeta to warn the other Saiyans of Freeza's betrayal, but nobody believes him. With no time left, he goes off to attack Freeza on his own, becoming a one-man army when he plows through nearly all of Freeza's men with ease. He comes before Freeza, and declares that the Saiyans will no longer work for him. However, Baddack is killed by Freeza's Supernova, along with his entire race. In his last moments. He telepathically speaks to his son, telling him to avenge him, and his race. Baddack dies, while screaming his sons name. Finding peace knowing that while he dies, his son lives on.