Balancing the fighters! is the fifty-third chapter of the Dragon Ball Multiverse manga. Continuing the battle between King Cold and Son Bra.


First Strikes

Immediately following up from chapter 51, King Cold punches after Bra, but she leaps into the air to evade it. Seizing a opening, Bra quickly rushes in and punches Cold straight in the face, though Cold is largely unaffected by it. Wanting to skewer Bra, Cold swings his tail at Bra from behind, but she dodges it though her left cheek gets sliced open.

Bra then manages to deflect two punches from Cold before leaping away from a third one. But to her horror, King Cold launches a fiery ki blast at her, which she barely manages to block. While flying across the stadium as Cold smiles, Bra barely manages to teleport to the ground, as the energy blast explodes in the air in a vibrant display. As King Cold taunts that Bra's attacks do not hurt that much, Bra is trying to catch her breathe as both her hands are expelling smoke from being burned severely.

Ki Tennis Match

When King Cold asks Bra if she is tired already, Bra proclaims this is still a warmup, despite sweating and breathing very much. Back in Universe 18, Goku silently listens to Piccolo which the namekian states that Cold is both tougher, faster, and stronger than Bra is concurrently. Yet, he notes that Bra still seems sure of herself despite the odds she is in.

Wanting to up the stakes a little, King Cold proclaims he wants to move on to the "serious" stuff. After crossing two of his arms together, King Cold creates ten miniature energy blasts before swinging his arms to fire his Homing Death Blitz technique. After flying into the air and noticing that the energy blasts have homing capabilities, Bra comments that she will "fix' their target configurations. After flying to one energy blast, Bra grabs it with one hand before flinging it directly at Cold. Wasting no time, Bra deflects the other nine blasts straight at Cold, who angrily insults her. After deflecting all ten energy blasts back at Bra, she deflects them again while stating their "weakness" embarrasses her.

As both contestants are deflecting the energy blasts back and forth at a accelerated pace, Uub tells Goten that the number of attacks are growing.

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