Debut DBM Chapter 18
Race Race of Hera
Date of death Age 767
Height 6'6
Weight 265 lbs
  • Bojack (Universe 6) (Boss)
  • Zangya (Universe 6)(Partner)
  • Bujin (Universe 6) (Partner)
  • Bido was one of the members of Bojack's gang, he made his first appearance on Chapter 18: Universe 6: Bojack gang's victory. He actuated on almost the whole special with his fight against Piccolo of which he got out victorious after crushing Piccolo's head with punches and drilling Piccolo's chest with an energy ray, killing him. Bido does not appear on the main story because he was killed by Vegeta's Final Flash and plus because Bojack used him as a distraction to kill Vegeta from behind.


    Super Form / Full-Powered State

    This form was achieved upon being experimented on by scientists. It is unknown if he has ever utilized this form.


    • It was implied that Bido has transformed after Piccolo's Gekiretsu Kōdan attack. (Stated by Berrizo and stef84) This is proven likely due to Bido's spikiness of hair and massive increase in size and muscle mass.
    • In chapter 79 in the novel, Bido does known the transformation.
    • If Bojack wins the tournament maybe Bido might be wished back to life since that Bojack stated after Bujin's defeat by Fat Boo on the oficial novel that Bujin only lost because of Boo regenerative powers and that he does not want to repeat the same mistake by killing Bujin as he did with Bido. (DBM novel, page 11).


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