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Bringer of Death is a spin-off of Multiverse which features another universe which does not appear in the Tournament. The story focuses mostly on Vegeta and shows what would have happened if he was the first Super Saiyan. 


Age 762- Vegeta, during his battle with Frieza on Namek, becomes a Super Saiyan before Goku to which changes major events. For example Vegeta is the one who kills Frieza and takes over his Empire. This universe is most similar to Universe 18 to which similar events happen but are taken on completely different.


Frost Demon Arc- (Chapters 1-26)

Frieza Saga- (Chapters 1-12)

The story begins with final form Frieza completly dominating Vegeta on planet Namek. Frieza would keep pushing Vegeta to the point were he snaps and becomes a Super Saiyan. With his new transformation, Vegeta starts to wipe the floor with Frieza to the point were the frost demon tries to blow up Namek with a Death Ball. The planet would have been done for if it wasn't for the fully healed Goku to lauch a 20 times Kaio-ken powered Kamehameha Wave to destroy Frieza's trump card.

With his plan foiled, Frieza then powers up to 100% of his power and duels with the Super Saiyan once more. While the titans clashed; Goku tells Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan to leave the area for safety. Vegeta, who had beaten Frieza, fires his Final Galic Flash straight at the demon for the kill. Fearing that the planet won't survive, Goku causes the blast to blow up early which ultimately leads to Frieza's survival.

Gohan returns to the battlefield to see his father after the Frost Demon's defeat. Vegeta, who is filled with joy for acomplishing his life long dream, requests a rematch with Goku. Goku asks for a year to train since he knows he can't possibly win against the Super Saiyan at the time. As this is happening, Frieza returns and fires a Death Beam straight through Vegeta's heart which kills him. After Goku burys his rival, he and Gohan try to take on a battle damaged Frieza but still lost. King Kaio at the time tells Kami to use the Earth's Dragon Balls to revive everyone killed by Frieza and his men in hope to revive Guru. Just as Frieza was going to finish off Gohan, Vegeta explodes from Namek and continues the fight, later ripping Frieza's head right off to use as a trophy of his victory over the cruel dictator.

Furious at Goku for messing with his attack from before and this leading to his death, Vegeta challenges Goku to a battle. Goku, who even powers up to a Kaio-Ken power of 25, could not compete with the Super Saiyan. Before the battle, Piccolo uses the Namekian Dragon Balls to put a barrier on Namek so it can't be destroyed. Instead of killing Goku, Vegeta tells him they will have a rematch on Earth in one year. Vegeta leaves the planet on his ship, Gohan and the others leave on Goku's ship and Goku himself is left badly damaged on Namek.

Cooler Saga- (Chapters 13-18)

After his great battle on the planet Namek, Vegeta returns to Frieza Planet-79 to show his everyone that he has defeated the tyrant and plans on becoming the new ruler of the Universe. His first decree as Lord is for a new flagship to be built with a gravity chamber within it so he can continue to train. The lead scientist is a slender, greyish female alien named Oniya who will personally finish the ship which will later be called the Bringer of Death.

While this is happening, Goku is still on Namek with no way to leave so he decides to visit the Elder named Guru. Guru explains that Goku will soon gain power that can rival Vegeta but can only unlock a small portion of it now. After a few days of helping Namekians rebuild from their disaster, he finds the five space pods from the Ginyu Force and uses it to get off of Namek. The pod however takes Goku to another planet called Yardrat he meets many nice aliens with special abilities.

In a large room, Vegeta is with a conferance with many of Frieza's old officials but is soon called out by a holographic image of the Viceroy, who happens to be Frieza's older brother. Cooler offers to meet with Vegeta on a small moon next to a gas giant. With his ship ready, Vegeta places his trophy (Frieza's head) in the front of the vessel and takes off to his next challenge. We also meet his new assassin android called C47 and other members of the Bringer of Death.

Once there, Vegeta takes a pod to the moon to leave his ship out of harm's way. On his arrival, he is ambushed by Cooler's Armored Squadron but they are killed in mere seconds. Cooler then arrives to face the Saiyan and doesn't believe that Frieza could have been beaten in a real fight. The two then started to fight but it was clear that Cooler was much stronger, even though Frieza was more powerful than his brother. About to finish Vegeta, Cooler fires a Supernova that is soon thrown back easily by Vegeta. Now in his Super Saiyan form, Vegeta dominates Cooler even more than he did with Frieza.

Cooler then begins to transform into the Fifth-Form state and this makes him even stronger than the Prince. The battle continues for awhile but Vegeta shows that he is still the superior fighter. Later, Cooler is able to destroy the moon with Vegeta's own blast and believes he has claimed victory untill Vegeta show him that he can sustain himself even in space. Even with the advantage, the Frost Demon is killed and his head is also kept as a trophy for the Super Saiyan. With Cooler's death, his empire is completly taken by the Prince within three months. With nothing left to do, Vegeta and his crew head to Earth.

Cold Saga- (Chapters 19-26)

Vegeta was starting to get impatient for his upcoming battle with Goku that he decides to wait on Eath until he arrives. The Bringer of Death was entering Earth's atmosphere when a energy blast destroyed part of the ship which leads to Oniya's death. Furious at what had happened, Vegeta flies out to find that it was Yamcha who blasted his ship. Not realizing that Yamcha was effected by the Black Water Mist, Vegeta kills him. C47 then detects high powerlevels in the atmosphere and Vegeta blasts off to find out what caused the earthlings to act like beasts. Up on Kami's Lookout, a battle with the immortal demon that is called Garlic Jr. was  going on with Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo.

With the Makyo Star so close to Earth, this made Garlic Jr. much more powerful than before and the only person who could hold his own against the demon was Piccolo, until he lost power because Kami was be attacked by the past Guardians. Now only Gohan could fend off the monster but found his efforts to be usless. Once Vegeta arrives, he completely destroys Garlic Jr like he was a child but couldn't finish him because of his immortality. Once transforming to a Super Saiyan, Vegeta fires his Galic Gun which completly vaporized Garlic Jr's body leaving his soul to wander the universe. The beam continued until it destroyed the Makyo Star and Kami was released with the Sacred Water to save every one on the planet.

Two months after Garlic Jr, King Cold had learned of his two son's demise to the hand of the Super Saiyan and is trying to find out where he went. Just then a young man with lavender hair killed most of Cold's guards came with news on Prince Vegeta. Telling the Frost Demon he was on Earth and that he will need to transform to stand a chance. Cold is thankful for the information but desides to kill the boy anyway but then the mysterious youth transformed. The Super Saiyan took down Cold very quickly and escapes into a strange ship which disappeared. Cold then is very mad and calls for his fastest ship so he can head for Earth.

On Earth, Vegeta had begun to get use to training in his gravity chamber but on a day that it needed repair he decide to face Piccolo and Gohan. It was a good way to train himself but they proved to be difficult. Vegeta also started a strange kind of relationship with Bulma after awhile and grew twards the way earthlings lived and their food. Three months after Garlic Jr a huge power came to Earth and Vegeta knew it wasn't Goku. He grabbed his new Royal Armor he had saved for his battle with Goku to use against the powerful new force.

Cold lands on Earth outside of his ship and is soon greeted by the Prince of Saiyans who was already a Super Saiyan. The Z-Fighters watch as Vegeta preparse a blast for Cold's ship but is back handed by the large Frost Demon. Unfazed by the attack, Vegeta punched the beast and blasted the ship anyway. Cold learning that he doesn't stand a chance, begins to transform into his first-restriction state. With much more power than before, the King of Arcose started to overwhelm the Saiyan in battle. Remind of his battle ith Zarbon in his monster form, Vegeta begun to worry and wished he had another Saiyan warrior to help him in his situation. Preparing a Death Ball, Cold believes he destroyed the prince but it turns out that Goku had rescued Vegeta just in time.

Not being happy to be saved by the one being he hated most, Vegeta prepares to kill his rival for interfering in another fight but is cut off by Goku who powered up to a Super Saiyan. Not believing his eyes, Vegeta gets even more angry that Goku offers that they work together against Cold. After some persuading, the Prince agrees and they attack Cold and do very well. With Cold once again losing, he decides to transform to his original form and risk not being able to control it. The two Saiyans don't last long against the frost demon and were about to be choked to death untill Trunks intervines. Trunks is able to stop Cold's Supernova attack by cutting it with his Brave Sword, which can cut through anything that is evil.

During the battle, Trunks cuts off Cold's tail, Goku grabs Cold from behind, and Vegeta prepares his Final Flash. Hoping to kill both Cold and Goku, Vegeta fires at full strength but it isn't enough so Trunks fires his Buster Cannon and hopes it will work. At this moment, Goku releases Cold and uses the Instant Transmission and appears next to Vegeta and fires a Super Kamehameha right at Cold. With the power of three Super Saiyans, Cold is destroyed and everyone is safe. Vegeta then demands how Kakarott got away from the blast and to know who this third Super Saiyan is. Trunks smiles and simply says, " Sure thing, Dad."

Android Arc- (Chapters 27-78)

Android Saga- (Chapters 27-42)

Trunks goes on to saying that he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma from the future. Trunks goes on to explain that in three years, two killer androids appear and start killing millions of people. Vegeta demands to know why he didn't destroy these being and finds out they killed him. The androids go on to kill the rest of the Z-fighters, leaving only Gohan and Trunks to save mankind.Some time later, Gohan is killed and Trunks deside to go back in time to warn the past. Goku asks why he didn't get to fight the machines and Trunks explains that he died against Vegeta. This make Vegeta smile a bit to hear that he killed Goku in another dimension. Trunks says the only way to save Goku was to bring Cold to Earth. This angers Vegeta greatly but is proud of his son's crazy plan.

After Trunks finished explaining things, Vegeta questions Goku on how he became a super saiyan and how he dodged his blast when he held onto Cold. Goku tells the story of what happened after Namek. Goku use one of the Ginyu pods, which took him to the planet Yardrat. The beings on this planet were frightened at first, but seeing how friendly Goku is. They teach him Instant Transmission, which allows Goku to travel instantly to anyone he can detect.Goku used this to travel to king kai's planet for dinner one day, but when he returns to Yardrat to see some of Cold's men killing the people. This causes Goku to become very angry that he could of protected them, which causes him to transform to a super saiyan. Goku then travels to the planet were Cold used to be before finding out Cold was traveling to Earth.

Trunks decides to stay in the past to face the android together and starts training to learn from Goku and Vegeta. During the next years baby Trunks is born, Vegeta takes future Trunks into space to see were planet Vegeta use to be, and Goku trys to help Gohan transform into a super saiyan. Goku also took the time to spar with Trunks to see him progress. Piccolo's power has started to incress dramaticly with his fusion with Nail and even Tien challenges Goku to a dual.Goku wasn't surprised to see Tien use kaio-ken since he knew how well Tien can learn tecniques, but was almost defeated when Tien powered up nine times his strength and fired a tri-beam. Goku had to transform to survive the attack which makes tien very usefully for the androids. Training continues till the about a week till the mechanical being are to appear, but then out of knowhere, Goku becomes very ill and Trunks knows the sickness. The only way to save him is to send Gou in the future, so that Bulma can cure him.

The day of the android attack is now upon the Z warriors. Vegeta went to the meeting place much earlier than everyone. Once everyone was present, they all searched the city and didn't have any luck. Trunks, who is wearing a scouter, is contacted by his mother that she is nearby. He plane is soon shoot down and Trunks rescues his mother and himself.

Vegeta sees what happens and yell for the android to show themselves. Three figures soon appear with no energy signatures, the fat clown #19, the old man #20 and the mysterious #21. Vegeta starts with #19 and finds the being to be much weaker than him as a super saiyan, even Freeza. Vegeta tests it by fireing a Galic Gun which to his surprise, was absorbed by the machine. Even with much more energy than before, Vegeta completly destroys the android with his new tecnique, the Big Bang Attack. Vegeta then demands that the real androids fight him which surprises #20(Dr. Gero). Gero then takes Vegeta to his base with Trunks following closely behind.

This leaves the massive android 21 to fight the rest of the Z warriors. Piccolo is the first to step up against the machine. The two appear to be equals in power. The android then fire the same mouth blast as Nappa, the saiyan who was with Vegeta when he first appeared. Piccolo still fought with all his might, but was caught off guard when the machine fired it's arms and started stealing energy. Thanks to Tien, with Kaio-Ken, Piccolo was freed but he android was powered up. Tien was doing very well with power twelve times normal, but after trying to use a Solar Flare the androd was uneffected and caught Tien.

Piccolo fired a Special Beam Cannon through the monster but is was still able to survive with the wound. Piccolo destracted the machine while tien prepared a Tri-Beam. Piccolo fire a Masenko to distract the android from a Kaio-ken times twelve Tri-Beam. The Androidwas greedy and decided to absorb Tien's blast while being hit by Piccolo. The machine becomes much stronger and was about to end Tien and Piccolo. Gohan can't take it anymore and decides to sacrifice himself to save Piccolo, the same ways Piccolo did against Nappa. Gohan turns out to be unharmed by the attack and relizes he just became a Super Saiyan. Gohan starts to battle the android, which started out to be stronger at first but lost most of it's power over time. Gohan then finishes #21 with a Kamehameha with his feet.

During this time, Dr. Gero is able to lose Vegeta and Trunks by destroying a city. He quickly makes it to his lab and begins to activate # 18 and #17. Trunks sences the other fighters loseing to #21 but then feels Gohan's new power so he continues to find Vegeta. Vegeta finds Gero's Lab by useing his scouter. The newly awaken androids start to disobay Gero who begins to get pissed. Anoyed, Vegeta destroys Gero quickly and # 18 activates another android, #16. The androids agree to battle outside so # 17 blasts the ceiling for a opening.

18 wanted to fight Vegeta but #16 warns her not to. She wonders why he says this but this gives #18 a chance to fight. Vegeta was having some trouble with the android at first since he can't since it's energy, but soon found himself even in strength. While the two men battled, #18 is hit by a furious Trunks. Trunks was having some trouble against the blond woman but his thought of these androids killing everyone made him strike ruthlessly. #17 was starting to be fearful of his sister having trouble but couldn't save her because of Vegeta. Trunks is getting ready to blast the girl android, but as he fired a small boot smashed into his face.

It was young Gohan who intervened and this puzzled Trunks. Trunks new that his Gohan was killed by the very androids, but here he was defending the machine. Gohan believes his father would spare them and let them decide their own path. Krillen also helped the girl by pushing her out of the way from the blast at the last second. #18 was greatly thankful for their help and promises to not harm any humans. Vegeta doesn't plan on stopping the battle so he fires a electro blast with his ki and is about to end them. Trunks still didn't trust the androids but believed in Gohan. With no one trying to stop Vegeta, the massive android 16 punches Vegeta on the back of the neck and knocks him out. The androids agree to not harm anyone and leave.

Cell Saga- (Chapters 43-59)


Tournament Saga- (Chapters 60-78)



  • Vegeta
  • Frieza

Other info

Since Bringer of Death was the second of the external fanfictions released, it likely takes place in Universe 22.

The authors are npberryhill and davidstarlingm. For a full list of power levels see here.

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