Broly (all universes)

Broly is a Legendary Super Saiyan and also the son of Paragus.


Broly's life is depicted in two specials, both which retell the storyline of his first two movies. In the retelling for all universes affected by it, Broly attacks the Z-Warriors on Planet New Vegeta as usual. Gokū, however, uses a Spirit Bomb charged from the energy of his allies to launch
Broly (Base)

Broly's base form

Broly into the surface of Comet Kumori, believing that this would destroy him. However, Broly survives the impact and recuperates on the surface of the planet. After recovering, he heads into deep space in pursuit of his archenemy and makes it to Earth, but exhaustion, his wounds and the conditions of space taking a toll on him, he passes out while in orbit, initiating the events of Broly: Second Coming. In the rewritten second movie, events are retold to include Vegeta in the plot more than Goten and Trunks. Vegeta is one of the first responders and attacks Broly in a rage after the Saiyan brutally beat both Vegeta's and Gokū's sons. Gohan, Piccolo, and #18 arrive soon after, and together they devise a plan to rescue Goten and Trunks while Piccolo distracts Broly. Gohan and Vegeta charge up their most powerful techniques under Piccolo's suggestion that they force Broly into the Sun, and unbeknownst to anyone Gokū (who by this time has been killed by Cell) has detected Broly and joins the battle as well. A triple Kamehameha-Final Flash attack overwhelms Broly and shocks him out of his LSuper Saiyan form; in most universes their aim is dead on and Broly perishes against the surface of the Sun.
Super saiyan broly (all universes)

Super Saiyan Broly


Super Saiyan

Broly takes in this form when he is approaching Trunks and Goten and also when he attacks them, he quickly turns into a Legendary Super Saiyn afterwards.

Legendary Super Saiyan

Broly's true form, he used it to fight the Z Fighters before being blown into the Sun.

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