Alternate names Bloomer
Bulma Brief
Debut Page 500
Race Human
Date of birth Age 733
  • Dr. Brief (father)
  • Mrs. Brief (mother)
  • Tights (sister)
  • Bulma from Universe 7. Her life is identical to her counterparts until she went to Planet Namek with Krillin and Gohan.


    She came along with Gohan and Krillin to Namek in order to gather the Namekian dragon balls, the same way her counterpart from the original manga did but in universe 7 she and the others could not locate the dragon balls and had an encounter with Gast Carcolh, the fusion of all Namekian people into one, her fate is unclear but it's possible that she is dead since Nail from universe 10 stated about a version of Cell threatening this universe in its future but its unclear yet.

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