Bulma9 color
Alternate names Bloomers
Bulma Brief
Debut Page 739
Race Human
Height 5'4
Weight 108 lbs.
  • Dr. Brief (father)
  • Mrs. Brief (mother)
  • Yamcha (husband)
  • Trunks (son)
  • Bra (daughter)
  • Videl (daughter-in-law)
  • Unnamed grandson
  • Bulma from Universe 9. In this Universe, she is the wife of Yamcha and has a son with him, ironically named Trunks, and a daughter, that did not come to the tournament. She is the only Bulma counterpart to come to see the tournament. She made an appearance on the cover of Chapter 19 - "Disclosure - Hidden characters and shapes!". She also makes a very brief appearance on Page 739 of the manga when Universe 4's Buu goes on a rampage. She's seen at the top left corner of the page when Buu tries to absorb the contestants of Universe 9. U9 Bulma also appears in the novelization of DBM.

    This Bulma was stated to hate Saiyans in the DBM French novel.

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