Buu's escapades is the forty-fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse.


The Southern and Eastern Supreme Kais continue to discuss their concern towards the the Grand Supreme Kai's odd behavior, reaching the conclusion that Majin Bu is acting compliantly with their leader, but are still uncertain why. After dinner is served in the tournament stadium and the Universe 6 participants decide to return home, the second night falls and everyone goes to sleep, but unbeknown to anyone a fragment of Majin Bu was hiding behind the corridor of Universe 4. The small Majin sneaks into the competing participants' rooms in order to give them small advantages to make the tournament more interesting, helping anyone he believes need to be helped and leaves Universe 5's XXI for last, but to his surprise the mysterious XXI notices and destroys the Majin's fragment with a power the latter remarks is overwhelming, leaving in the room only XXI and an unknown being whom XXI asks for a method to easily defeat #18 in his incoming fight.

When morning arrives the fighters discover that the orbiting spherical ring has been replaced by a flat disc on the floor with an augmented gravity of 1,000 times that of Earth's. The next match between Universe 18's Son Goku versus Universe 8's Freeza is announced, a fight that even though seems will be easy for Goku, turns out to be slightly harder when Freeza unleashes an illusionary attack that places both fighters in a landscape with low temperature, scarce oxygen and an accelerated timeshift that rapidly ages and tires the Saiyan, but leaves the Frost Demon unaffected. Freeza holds an advantage but Goku manages to land a critical hit on Freeza, ending the illusion and giving Goku the chance to physically defeat Freeza who goes down in one hit. The next match is between Universe 11's Majin Bu versus Universe 18's Ub, who both feel the pressure of the ring's gravity upon stepping into it.

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