Dragon Ball Multiverse(Chilled-Second Restriction Form) Relaxing
Alternate names Lord Chilled

Prince Chilled

Debut Chapter 18
Race Frost Demon
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Before Age 242
Height N/A
Weight N/A
  • Artic (ancestor)
  • Emperor Blizzard (father)
  • Frosty (brother)
  • Snower (brother)
  • Ice Kurima (brother)
  • King Cold (nephew)
  • Polar (nephew)
  • Freeza (grandnephew)
  • Cooler (grandnephew)
  • Chilled is a member of the Frost Demon empire, and the second youngest son of Emperor Blizzard with 102 years. He makes his debut in "Hanasia, Queen of The Saiyans".

    After the battle against the Legendary Super Saiyan Romanesco his ship passed near Plant and detected their energy. Plant had been described as a barren, inhabitable planet, so he decides to investigate. Soon he discovers that the planet is indeed populated and seems valuable, so decides to invade it. His ship lands near the Saiyan capital- the Tsufurus made themselves undetectable- and orders to start the invasion. But surprisingly his men get slaughtered by the locals, so he is forced to set his feet on the battlefield. He kills the current King of the Saiyans with ease and then hundreds of Saiyans, until the arrival of Hanasia who challenges him. First he was overwhelming her, but when she transforms into a Super Saiyan he is forced to abandon his actual form. But instead of waiting for his transformation to finish, Hanasia seizes the moment and kills the Frost Demon by breaking his neck from behind.

    His death triggered two waves of invasions by the Frost Demons and is the first documented death of one of his race by a member of a different race.


    Despite having a plethora of forms due to being a Frost Demon, Chilled has only been shown in one: the second restriction form. He was killed while transforming into his first restriction form.

    Coincidentally he shares his name with the main antagonist of "Episode of Bardock", but he isn't the same character. But the colorations seem to be inspired by that.