Dragon Ball Multiverse(Chilled-Second Restriction Form) Relaxing
Alternate names Lord Chilled

Prince Chilled

Debut Chapter 18
Race Frost Demon
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Before Age 242
Height N/A
Weight N/A
  • Artic (ancestor)
  • Emperor Blizzard (father)
  • Frosty (brother)
  • Snower (brother)
  • Ice Kurima (brother)
  • King Cold (nephew)
  • Polar (nephew)
  • Freeza (grandnephew)
  • Cooler (grandnephew)
  • Chilled is a member of the Frost Demon empire, and the second youngest son of Emperor Blizzard. He makes his debut in "Hanasia, Queen of The Saiyans".


    Despite having a plethora of forms due to being a Frost Demon, Chilled has only been shown in one.


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