Coola U7
Alternate names Prince Coola
Debut Page 910
Race Frost Demon
Date of birth Prior to Age 570
Date of death Age 762 (over 192 years old)
  • King Cold (father, deceased)
  • Freeza (brother, deceased)
  • Coola was the eldest son of the King Cold and an heir to his empire alongside Freeza until his demise against Gast Carcolh.


    Some time after Freeza's death, Coola and his squad were claiming the planet Icarion and its knowledge as theirs alone, threatening to destroy their civilization shall they refuse to cooperate. Soon afterwards the planet was visited by his brother's executioner who made quick of his forces and easily killed him, eliminating the only remaining son Cold had.[1]


    Not much is known of Coola's abilities since Gast was quick to defeat him. However it can be assumed that Coola's power was comparable to that of his other Universes' counterparts.



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