Cooler (u9)
Alternate names Lord Coola

Prince Coola

Race Frost Demon
Coola was a Frost Demon and the heir to King Cold, he had a younger brother named Freeza.


Coola has the same appearance just like his canon incarnation in the DBZ movies and anime.

When in his True form, Coola possesses a build similar to his brother Freeza, but is more masculine and slightly taller. Unlike Freeza, Coola possess dark purple skin compared to Freeza's pure white coloration. Just like other members of his race, Coola has red eyes and natural bio-armor adorning various parts of his body.


While unknown, it is presumed he is just as strong as his counterparts during the same time period.


  • It is believed that Coola was chosen as King Cold's heir over his brother Freeza and eventually decided to kill the Saiyan race leaving only three alive as his minions. Coola and his army went to Namek to gather the Dragon Balls so that Coola could become immortal, he was killed in battle by Krillin and Tien.

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