Corruption of the absolute evil is the forty-second chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse.


Vegeta barely manages to survive the cut strike from the Ghost Tidar, who is quickly disposed off before he could strike again. Vegeta claims victory but realizes the Ghost Cell Jr. still remains, beating down a wounded Vegeta and pushing him to the edge of his wrath over seeing his pride destroyed. Recalling that there is still a higher level of Saiyan power, Vegeta breakes the barrier of the Super Saiyan 2 and becomes a Super Saiyan 3, easily destroying Cell Jr. and pushes Raichi to the ropes, but his new energy-taxing transformation coupled by his fatal wounds left him extremely weakened, giving Raichi the chance to unleash a final Saiyan Ghost in the form of Universe 3's Prince Vegeta, finally killing Raichi's enemy and granting victory to the Tsuful scientist.

The next match is between Universe 7's Gast Carcolh versus Universe 3's Great Demon King Piccolo. The two Namekians' battle is easy fought, with Gast easily overpowering his foe while commenting of the latter's so-called "absolute evil" being a farce, stating that the amnesiac Namekian has been corrupted by goodness when he merged with his Universe's benevolent Kami-sama. King Piccolo denies such claims, cementing that he will never be good, but Gast continues to point out his growing love for Earth and Humanity which prompts Piccolo to remove his ears and whistle to overload Gast's audition. His efforts are futile, since Gast ends the fight with a finger, but doesn't leaves without encouraging Piccolo to think genuinely about what truly makes him happy.

As the round ends, the organizers use a set of Dragon Balls to revive those who perished because of the tournament, and as the night arrives the Eastern and Northern Supreme Kais have a secret meeting concerning the Grand Supreme Kai's odd behavior towards Universe 4's Buu.


  • In Page 946 King Piccolo makes a 4th Wall joke about the cover of the chapter indicating that the focus was going to be him, yet only around half the chapter covered his fight against Gast.

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