Alternate names Majin Dabura
Race Demon
  • Babidi (master)
  • Pui Pui (underling)
  • Dabura was a Demon from Universe 12, who ruled over the Demon World. He was killed by Gohan, after attempting to stop Gohan from destroying Majin Buu.


    Dabura was first seen by Future Gohan in their universe as Dabra lifts Buu's cocoon and says "I found it, master," to Babidi. There is not enough energy on the planet, so Babidi suggests to leave to another planet before resurrecting Buu until Pui Pui reports to have noticed Gohan with a huge surge of power. Gohan turns Super Saiyan and yells out, "Leaving this planet was actually the best decision! Get back in that ship of yours, leave this planet... And forget about it!" Babidi tells his minions to start leaving, but it was a trick to catch Gohan off his guard. Dabura grapples onto Gohan from behind him until Gohan powers up and pushes him away. Dabura dominates the fight until he tries to spit onto Gohan, who dodges it. The spit goes on Pui Pui's arm, turning him into stone. Babidi gets angry at Dabura who would have killed Gohan had he not have dodged the spit, because Babidi still needs Gohan's energy. Dabura holds back and tells Gohan, "You should thank Master Babidi... your end is postponed. If you want us to leave, you'll have to follow me inside... Oh, and you can destroy the top of the ship if you like, but it won't come close to reaching us." Gohan hesitates but then calmly floats inside, still a Super Saiyan. Gohan starts fighting off against other Majin minions inside the ship. Receiving his punishment, Dabura gives his own energy to the cocoon, a big mistake that allows Gohan to win the rematch against Dabura. He falls bloody and injured against the cocoon, and his only purpose now is to act as Babidi's shield. Gohan, learning from his mistakes and now being ruthless, kills Dabura and injures Babidi.

    Desperate, Babidi tries to summon Buu from the cocoon, only for the cocoon to open up with nothing inside, due to there being not enough energy. Hesitant, Gohan fires a Kamehameha at Babidi, finally killing him and saving the world from the Majin threat.

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