Race Heloïte
  • Xeniloum (partner)
  • Tidar (partner)
  • Naurb (partner)
  • Phipsil (partner)
  • Magsuns (partner)
  • Loopwhirl (partner)
  • Nedwook (partner)
  • Eleim is a Heloïte soldier and the leader of the contestant group from Universe 19.


    Eleim has blonde hair and blue eyes, similair to that of when a Saiyan becomes a Super Saiyan . As well as this, he wears the Armor like the other participants from his Universe, changing it later with the Ultra Armor.


    He appears to have great willpower and decision, as a proper knight for Heliolites, although he does show some kindness during the match with Android 16.

    First Round

    His first fight scheduled was against Android 16 of Universe 12. Although #16 put up a good fight, Eleim eventually gained the upper hand by trapping #16 with an enhanced gravity field that even #16 could not stand up against. Eleim at first planned to destroy #16, but he eventually saw #16 as a man and not machine, and decided not to. This convinced #16 that the fighters of Universe 19 had good hearts afterall, and forfeited the match.

    Second Round

    Eleim fights against Bra from Universe 16. At first he tries to reduce her speed increasing gravity, and then harming her with the rays from the Ultra Armor. Later, since Bra manages to elude his strategy, uses Carbonite, menacing either to destroy the whole arena killing the participants and the audience, or to kill Bra. Doing so, he explains his reasons for fighting: his planet was absorbed by Carbonite, so the whole Universe 19 risks contamination from it if an asteroid were to hit the planet, that is why they have to monitor it constantly. He and his team came to the tournament to win it, so they could wish for their planet to be saved. So, Bra defeats him by taking him away from the round for 30 seconds, and then promises to help him if she wins the tournament, as well as Gokū from Universe 18. Eleim then shakes hands with Gokū, relying on him and on Bra to win. 


    He cannot rely on a really high physical force. His main weapon is the Ultra Armor, which shows its full power during the match with Bra from Universe 16. In fact, it allows him to shoot powerful laser rays, but above all Carbonite is stored inside it. The Carbonite is a super-heavy substance that is similar to anti-matter, and after touching a solid object it multiplies, turning it into a mass of Carbonite.


    • Eleim's hair and face greatly resembles Vegeta when he is a Super Saiyan.

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