Emperor Blizzard
Dragon Ball Multiverse(Emperor Blizzard-Second Restriction Form)
Alternate names King Blizzard
Debut Chapter 21
Race Frost Demon
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death N/A
Height 13'0" (Second Restriction Form)
Weight N/A
  • Artic (ancestor)
  • Unnamed father
  • Frosty (son)
  • Snower (son)
  • Chilled (son)
  • Ice Kurima (son)
  • King Cold (grandson)
  • Polar (grandson)
  • Freeza (great-grandson)
  • Cooler (great-grandson)
  • Emperor Blizzard is the former patriarch of the Frost Demon empire from thousand years ago, and is the father of Snower, Frosty, Ice Kurima, Chilled, and ancestor of King Cold, Freeza, and Cooler. He makes his debut in "Hanasia, Queen of The Saiyans".

    He has a calm behavior, but deem inside he's as brutal as any other member of his race. He is over 1500 years old, longer than any other Demon before. He's seen sitting on his throne since more than 50 years, and people gossip that he's going weaker. But the cause is another: because his father never bothered to explain him the rule of the Kaiohs to have only 2 sons, having 4 made the gods angry and the Dai-Kaioh beat him up terribly. The pain from that day scarred him in body and mind, and he tried to educate his sons to respect each others and to be less over-confident, but to no avail.

    One day he received a distressing message: his son Chilled had been killed by a strange warrior in gold on an unknown planet called Plant. Blizzard reached violently killing everyone in the courtroom except his personal guards, and demands an explanation. His other son Snower explains that the video from Plant must have been a fake by the rebels, because it's impossible for a Frost Demon to be killed like that. The patriarch seems to agree, but allows his youngest son Ice Kurima to attack the planet as an example for the universe. But again he has to experience the loss of a son, and this time he's sure that the video was not a fake. His last son Frosty volunteers in the mission to kill everyone on that trap-planet, but while being alone the rebels attack the Emperor, killing many soldiers. But the Frost demon is more than enough to stop the attack, but is shocked to learn that the one behind it all was nobody else than Snower...! The son explains to fight for the rebels and challenges his father, who surprisingly shows an extraordinary strength. The battle is extremely violent, and they seem to be equal...


    As a member of the Frost Demon lineage, Blizzard contains a plethora of forms to use. However, he has only been shown in one.


    • As stated by Salagir in the comments section of chapter 41, Blizzard is indeed the one responsible for creating the Second Restiction form.