Enemies forever is the fortieth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse.


The Saiyan prince and the Tsuful scientist exchange words, with Vegeta's cold statement about Raichi's genocide of his Universe's Saiyans cementing his notion that all Saiyans should be eliminated. The fight begins with Raichi summoning King Cold's family, surprising the Vargas who confirm the summoning Frost Demons where the product of Raichi's sphere, thus being able to fight for him.

Despite their enhanced power they are quickly defeated by Vegeta, thus forcing Raichi to summon the Saiyan populace that he killed to inflict doubt in Vegeta, but is ineffective since Vegeta slaughters his entire race without remorse. The Saiyan slightly exhausted, Raichi now summons those who died during the tournament, but only few prove to slightly resist him, and only the Super Saiyan Pan is capable of landing a hit and blast a Taiyôken, but Vegeta simply shrugs her off by closing his eyes, blinding him to a cutting attack that manages to severely wound him.


  • This chapter is misspelled as "Enemies for ever".

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