Fasha3 color


Fasha was a Saiyan warrior from Universe 3. She is one of the Baddack's teammates and she aided in the defeat of Freeza in her universe. Her original name is Celipa/Seripa, a pun un the vegetable "Parsley".


As in the original source Fasha participated on the mission on planet Kanassa, where she aided her teammates in their eradication of the inhabitants transformed into Ozaru. After the night she and the others relax near a destroyed city, when Bardock flies away after detecting a great fighting power. After his return she's surprised by his strange behavior, but follows his lead back to Vegeta.

She and her teammates remain shocked at the revelation that Bardock wants to defy King Vegeta for the throne and watches the fight; afterwards she doesn't have much problems in accepting the new king and follows his orders without complaining. She participates at the great offensive against the incoming Freezer, killing the tyrant and saving her race.

After that event she serves as a soldier like before under Bardocks command, but her destiny is unknown; as Bardock is the only survivor of the Saiyans, she has either died by the hands of Cooler or Dr. Raichi.