Debut "Universe 13: Two brothers"
Race Heloïte
Date of death Year 762
  • Wigner (comrade)
  • Nim (comrade)
  • Lidar (comrade)
  • Feyn was an elite Heloïte soldier from the Planet Helior. She made her debut in a special chapter fighting Raditz and Kakarotto. After a long battle, she was killed by Kakarotto.


    Feyn is a fairly tall woman with long, curly hair and several freckles on her face. She wears typical Heloïte armor that elite soldiers wear.


    The Saiyan Invasion

    During the invasion caused by Raditz and Kakarotto, Feyn is sent to stop them. When Raditz and Kakarotto spot her, they fire ki blasts at her. This shocks Feyn, since Heloïtes are not able to fire ki blasts without weapons. However Feyn blocks the blasts and punches Raditz. Kakarotto leaps in the air, and prepares to fire several ki blasts at her. But Feyn uses a shield made from Helior technology, and Feyn fires two ki blasts at the two Saiyans, using her gloves that can fire blasts. The blast sends Raditz flying, and Kakarotto is left to battle Feyn. Feyn hits Kakarotto to the ground, then delivers a heavy blow to him. With Kakarotto down, Raditz immediately flies to Feyn and threatens to blow up the city. Raditz then fires a ki blast at her, however is deflected by a shield. Kakarotto gets up and holds Feyn in a choke hold. Kakarotto then impales her by ramming his arm through her chest, which kills Feyn.