Cell jr.
Cell jr
Seru Junia
Alternate names Baby Cell

Cell Junior

Race Bio Android
  • Cell ("father")
  • Second Cell Jr. ("brother")
  • The First Cell Jr. is the "son" spawned from the Cell of Universe 17, who is attending the tournament with his "father". He is a minor character in DBM. He is a Perfect Bio-Android.


    About 27 years have passed since Cell destroyed the Z-Fighters and the Cell Juniors began a reign of terror on Earth. Their exact outcomes are unknown as only this single Cell Jr. has been seen with Cell so far, but in a flashback the other Cell Juniors are shown gleefully causing mayhem in a world with no Z-Fighters to fight them.


    Round 1

    This Cell Junior stood with Cell until the match against Dabra. After Cell won his fight, neither of them attended their lunch break, and later they both watched the battle between Vegetto and Broly which caused the Cell Junior to be slammed against the wall just by the shockwaves created by the battle. (This also coincidentally sets up a convenient scale of power for many of the other fighters who held their ground during the battle. However, this is mostly due to the Cell Junior's much smaller size and mass.)

    Cell Junior did not make another appearance until his battle against Gast Carcolh of Universe 7 was announced. This one was pulled away by his father before the fight, believing that his father was going to make him stronger, but Cell actually ended up killing this Cell Jr. before he was able to fight.

    Visions of the Future

    Cell Junior possibly the one killed by Cell is seen in Baddack's Vision shaking Universe 18 Gokū's hand.


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