Freeza's capital destroyed

Vunnvenly, usually referred to as Freeza's Capital is a location in Universe 8 that belongs to the emperor of Universe 8, Freeza. In Age 763, Freeza's capital was destroyed by Freeza.


Several years before Son Gokū arrived to the capital, Vunnvenly was a peaceful home to many civilians, until the Frost Demons conquered the capital and instead of destroying it, they settled there.

Age 763

Freeza's capital is the home of the Ginyu Force, and several soldiers. In Age 763, it is attacked by Gokū and Nail and destroyed by Freeza's final attack. Due to Captain Ginyu taking the blame for the destruction of the capital, Freeza "kills" him, which begins Ginyu's mission to steal bodies and escalating higher and higher positions in the Planet Trade Organization.




  • On chapter 88, the capital's name is revealed to be "Vunnvenly".