1st form Frieza (U19)
Alternate names Frieza
Debut Universe 19 novel: Chapter 1
Race Frost Demon
  • Artic (ancestor)
  • Emperor Blizzard (great-grandfather)
  • Snower (grandfather)
  • Frosty (granduncle)
  • Ice Kurima (granduncle)
  • Chilled (granduncle)
  • King Cold (father)
  • Polar (uncle)
  • Coola (brother)
  • Freeza of Universe 19. Almost identical to his other counterparts.


    Freeza figures out that Raditz went to Earth to search for a fourth Saiyan survivor. This angers Freeza and he calls Raditz, with Zarbon at Freeza's side. During the interrogation, Freeza demands Zarbon to play a recording coming from Raditz's scouter, in which you can hear Raditz killing his young nephew, Gohan. Freeza, enraged, scolds him for killing without his permission, and gives him a chance to explain himself. As Raditz quietly tried to explain himself, Freeza delivered a hard slap to his face, knocking him down to the ground. As Freeza harshly mocked the Saiyans, Nappa was ready to charge at him to avenge the Saiyan race, but his throat is grabbed by Freeza, before Vegeta could stop Nappa. Vegeta, who is quietly enraged, desperately apologizes for Nappa's behavior, and asks for Freeza to let go of him. Freeza lets go of Nappa, saying he'll accept their apology for now. Sometime later, he assigns Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, and Cui to conquer a planet, if they were to fail, they would be executed, except Cui. As the Saiyans and Cui were ready to go onto their ship, Freeza calls Vegeta and begins to walk behind him. Freeza told Vegeta that he was disappointed in him, but he has grown into a warrior that will soon rebel against him. Without warning he begins to torture Vegeta very brutally, severely wounding him. Dodoria drags him to be healed after Freeza is finished torturing him.

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