Frieza trueform7



Alternate names Furiza
Emperor Freeza
Emperor of the Universe
Debut Page 505
Race Frost Demon
Date of birth Age 570
Date of death Age 762 (192 years old)
  • King Cold (father, deceased)
  • Coola (brother, deceased)
  • Freeza was the youngest son of King Cold and one of his heirs to the empire. He seeked immortality through the power of the Dragon Balls, but was ultimately slain by Gast Carcolh, the Super Namek.


    Freeza and his soldiers where in his quest for immortality in the home planet of the Nameks, but as they were about to collect the second Dragon Ball they noted that the Balls suddenly turned into stone. Angered, Freeza threatened to slaughter the entire populance if they refused to restore them, which they almost completely did where not for a mysterious Namek who proceeded to easily defeat one of his strongest soldiers.

    The Namek challenged Freeza and managed to slightly hurt him, prompting him to power-up and angrily beat down the Namek in return. Freeza decided to continue his quest, irritably stating that he will destroy the Namek world after finding out the populace was gone, but to his surprise the previous Namek was still alive and returned stronger, singlehandedly destroying his forces and once again challenging the prince. This time not even Freeza's full strength was enough to defeat the Namek, finally meeting his end.[1]


    Freeza was a entity feared for his immense power, capable of defeating a fused Namek even in a Restricted Form. It took the entire populace of the Nameks to fuse into a single being in order for him to be defeated.


    Third Restriction Form

    The form Freeza spends most of his time in. Even in his weakest form his power is still fearsome, but was still not enough to fight against a fused Namek.

    Second Restriction Form

    He powers-up to this form in order to defeat the fused Namek who challenged him, but was ultimately overpowered by the latter when fused with all the remaining Nameks.

    First Restriction Form

    He uses this form against Gast Carcolh to no avail, being forced to shed this form to access his True Form.

    True Form

    The form he was born in. Not even his true power could allow him to defeat the Super Namek, being easily defeated by the latter with little to no effort.[1]



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