Saiyan Ghost Warriors

The Saiyan Ghost Warriors

The Ghost Warriors are a group of warriors under the command of Dr. Raichi. The Ghost Warriors were summoned by Raichi during his second match against Prince Vegeta of Universe 13. Ghost Warriors are summoned from the hatred of their living selves.


Frieza Family Ghost Warriors

Freeza's family as Ghost Warriors

The Ghost Warriors are stronger than they were in life, perfectly control their power, and are able to work as a perfect team.

The Saiyan Ghost Warriors appear in both base and Great Ape forms. Ghost Coola is able to use his true and fifth forms, and Ghost Freeza is capable of using his true form, Full Power form, and Full Power Fifth Form. Ghost Broly and Ghost Vegeta can both use Super Saiyan forms.



  • Planet Trade Organization Members - Raichi should be able to summon the Freeza Soldiers in Universe 3 who were killed, including the likes of Dodoria and Zarbon.
  • First Cell Jr. (Universe 17) - Since this Cell Jr. was killed, Raichi should be able to summon it as a Ghost.

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