Debut DBM Manga page [1]
Race Race of Hera
  • Bojack (boss)
  • Zangya (partner)
  • Bujin (partner)
  • Bido (partner)
  • Gokua (partner)
  • Gohana was mercenary from origin that got captured and shipped to be a subject to become a super soldiers to battle the Frost Demons Cold and Polar. But he took faith in his own hand when he aided criminal and fellow test subject Bojack with a rebellion. As Bojack and his men killed the scientists and the super soldiers original leader Seggui. The tyrant left him and the rest with a choice; leave with him or stay.

    Gohana was one of the first to follow becoming one of the original twenty seven members of Bojack's Gang. He was long dead when Bojack and the rest where either killed by the Southern Supreme Kai or imprisoned at Kai Planet.


    • The name "Gohana" is most likely a joke based on another member of Bojack's gang named "Gokua". Both of their names are Gokū and Gohan's with an "a" added on to the end.

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