Grand Elder Guru comes from Universe 7. His life is identical to his counterparts until he fused with Nail, to become Gast Carcolh.

Grand Elder Guru
Race Namekian
Date of birth Before Age 261
Date of death Age 762 (merged with Nail)
  • Nail (son, fusee)
  • Several other Nameks (sons, fusee)
  • History

    Guru's life was identical to that of his Universe 18 counterpart up until Freeza invaded Namek. Guru consulted with Nail over the impending doom of the Namekian race and came to the decision that he would fuse with Nail to increase their strength and stave off Namek's destruction.

    Nail was opposed to the idea of losing the Grand Elder, however, Guru assessed that he would not have long to live at his old age, and that by joining with Nail, he would both live longer and be able to help save their people.

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