Grand Supreme Kai
Grand Supreme Kai 10
Dai Kaiôshin
Alternate names DaiKaioh
Great Supreme Kai
Debut Page 552
Race Shin-jin
Date of birth About 100 Million Before Age
  • Southern Supreme Kai (subject/fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Eastern Supreme Kai (subject/fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Northern Supreme Kai (subject/fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Western Supreme Kai (subject/fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Grand Supreme Kai is the leader of the Kai, the highest level deities in the Dragon Ball universe(s). In Universe 10. When the Kaioshin investigated a lead they stopped the plans of the evil wizard Bibidi (Universe 10) the Grand Supreme Kai decided it was wiser to investigate and stop events that could endanger there Universe.

    It is unknown if the Kaioshin where aware of the Vargas of Universe 1 taking the Namkes and Sayians of there Universe to host the tournament.

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