Debut Page 1284
Race Bas-seijin (mutant)
Date of death Age 763
Height 3'3" (100 cm)
  • Freeza (boss)
  • Captain Ginyu (former leader)
  • Jeice (comrade)
  • Burter (comrade}
  • Recoome (comrade)
  • Guldo from Universe 8 is a member of the Ginyu Force, as well as the weakest member.


    Guldo is a short green alien with a very chubby build and a round head, and two extra eyes. He wears the typical uniform of a soldier under Freeza's command. He does not wear a scouter due to the shape of his head.


    Being a member of the Ginyu Force, Guldo is ruthless and uncaring towards his opponents. Guldo seems to be cowardly when faced against an opponent far stronger than him, running from Gokū after he asked where Freeza was. Guldo has a very strong hatred towards Saiyans, especially Vegeta. Guldo also seems to have a good friendship with his comrades.


    The Two Last Survivors


    Guldo terrified of Gokū

    Guldo is first seen running down the hallway with Jeice, informing Jeice of what happened with Burter and Recoome. The two confront the intruders and Jeice attacks Nail. Guldo begins to fear the two warriors as they were able to take down Recoome and Burter with not much trouble. Gokū bends down and asks Guldo the whereabouts of Freeza, which frightens him and he uses his technique to stop time. He hides from Gokū then decides to use his paralysis technique. Gokū is caught in Guldo's paralysis technique, which he asks Jeice for assistance, but only to see that Nail has Jeice in critical condition. When Guldo decides to impale Gokū with a pole via his telekinesis, Nail grabs the pole and proceeds to brutally stomp Guldo. Several minutes later, Guldo, damaged by Nail, proceeds to use his paralysis technique to help Ginyu, however paralyses Ginyu instead, believing him to be Nail. Nail then kills Guldo, crushing his head with a single blow.


    • Interestingly, Guldo's death was almost the same way as his main counterpart from Universe 18.


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