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Race Tuffle Machine
  • Dr. Raichi (creator)
  • Hatchiyack (ハッチヒャック, Haccihyakku) is a supercomputer created by the Tuffle genius Dr. Raichi. Hatchiyack is sentient, and is able to collect the hatred of those who die violent deaths, and resurrect them endlessly as Ghost Warriors.


    Multiverse Tournament

    Hatchyiack's Ghost Warriors were summoned by Raichi during his fight with Prince Vegeta.

    Third Round


    Hatchiyack arises from the crystal ball

    Hatchiyack broke free from Dr. Raichi's crystal ball after Gast Carcolh destroyed it. After he appeared, he released an ear piercing sound of the collected deaths of many Ghost Warriors, causing the crowd and the participants to hold their ears shut in pain.

    Once he stopped screaming, Hatchiyack fires his Revenger Cannon. While Gast barely managed to dodge the blast, his body was severely charred and a portion of the arena was destroyed. Hatchiyack then began screaming once again and fired another Revenger Cannon.

    After Gast found his weakness of the Revenger Cannon's long recharge time, the Namekian charged an energy wave of his own. As Hatchiyack prepared to fire another Revenger Cannon, Gast quickly teleported in front of the supercomputer and readied his energy wave. Hatchiyack could only look in horror as Gast fired his energy wave, obliterating the upper half of Hatchiyack, reducing him to ashes.


    In terms of combat power, it is unknown how powerful Hatchiyack is, as he was never shown to engage in physical combat in his brief appearance. However, his most powerful technique, the Revenger Cannon, was powerful enough to severely char the right side of Gast's body and obliterate a large section of the arena, even though the Namekian was able to dodge the blast.

    However, despite his incredible prowess displayed, Hatchiyack's fighting style was too predictable, heavily relying on firing his Revenger Cannon. It was a weakness that Gast exploited, and the Namekian was able to obliterate the upper torso of Hatchiyack with a point-blank energy wave.


    Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's own ki.

    Revenger Cannon: A devastating energy wave and seemingly Hatchiyack's most powerful attack. However, its long charging time leaves Hatchiyack defenseless.


    Supercomputer Form

    Originally, Hatchiyack was simply a supercomputer that was connected to multiple orbs in his original universe.

    Orb State

    This form was the form Hatchiyack took in the most during the multiverse tournament. In this state he was used as a medium for Raichi to summon his Ghost Warriors, or to absorb more hate energy. Riachi constantly set on it throughout his appearances.

    Humanoid Form

    When his orb finally cracked, energized hate energy materialized a body for Hatchiyack to fight in. Here he becomes a serious match against Gast Carcolh.