Helior is the planet of the Heloïtes. It was originally uninhabited, and barren, until the Heloïtes found it. After having several planets they had to leave, they made Helior their own. Due to not having a sun, the planet had a solar ring built around it that rotated in 24 hour cycles, emulating day and night. In most universes, Helior is left in peace.

In Universe 19, however, Freeza's empire attacks it, sending Kiwi, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz (who won his battle against Gokū and Piccolo). Freeza wanted Helior for its technology. Vegeta also had made a deal with a galactic tyrant to attack another planet so the Heloïtes would be distracted, and Vegeta would have the chance to gain the technology of Helior and their Ultras. Ultimately, the Heloïtes fought back and won, and destroyed the Frost Demon's empire.

In Universe 13, Helior was also attacked, this time by only Raditz and Kakarotto armed with their miniature Blutz lamps. Kakarotto's presence apparently makes a big enough change to actually win against the Heloïtes, likely because Kakarotto and Raditz became stronger, brought Saibamen, had Blutz Waves in their eyes, and Kakarotto killing without pause instead of stalling for the technology. This would not give the Heloïtes the time to properly organize their forces, who were distracted at the time by a simultaneous attack by another space lord.


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