Illustrative art: Hildegan destroying a Konatsian's city.

Hildegan from Universe 16. In this universe the Kashvar evil mage known as Hoi successfully released Hildegan unleashing the monster into the west city, Vegetto tried his best to destroy the monster but even with all his power he was uneable to hurt the demon who could change to an ethereal smoke form, the Saiyan even tried to teleportate it to his training planet, Jupitron-9, but the monster disappeared from the planet and reappeared again on Earth destroying the city, probably summoned by Hoi who unlike in the movie, appeared to have total control of Hildegan. He was killed after Trunks, using Tapion's magic sword, the only object that was capable of inflict damage to the creature, cut Hildegan in half as his was cut by the konatsian sorcerer almost one thousand years ago, and with another attack Trunks cut the monster's head off, dividing the demon, who was still alive, into 3 parts, decreasing the creature's power drastrically as notices by Vegetto who finally finished Hildegan with power ball technique that vaporized the demon completely.

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