Hoi find Tapion's music box in a museum in a former Frost Demons' planet.

Hoi from universe 16. Hoi was an Evil Kashvar mage that created along with his fellows a demon creature know as Hildegan.


211 Before Age

Hoi's clan threated the Konatsian civilization with the demon until they were stopped by the Konatsian Sorcerer, Tapion and Minosha. Like in the movie, the lower part of Hildegan as sealed inside Minosha and the upper part of Hildegan in Tapion and their music boxes were threw to the void of space to be lost forever.

Age 214

On age 214, Hoi and the Kashvar mages finally found Tapion and Minosha's boxes in a part of the galaxy controlled by the Frost Demons, on a planet controlled by Prince Cold. Using their combined magic powers they finally open Minosha's box, released the lower body of Hildegan who started to destroy the country, they then killed Minosha and sealed the lower body of Hildegan inside Hoi. The army of that planet intervened and the sorcerers were defeated and killed by the grace of a powerful warrior of that time but Hoi was took under arest and looked into estasis in a prison of the Frost Demons empire.

Age 774

Centuries later and decades after the fall of the Frost Demons empire, Hoi managed to escape after a prisoner escaped from the prison destroying the building thus damaging the machine which manteined Hoi into his estasis state. Hoi then started to search for the Tapion's music box since the relics and treasures of the Frost Demons were distributed between corrupted officials and museums, Hoi finally found it in one of these museums but he was unable to open it alone with his magic, he then heard of the dragon balls on a planet called Earth and proceeded to there.

Wrath of the Dragon

Hoi then did everything he did like in the movie, he convinced Vegetto and the others to summom Sheron in order to pen the music box that not even Vegetto was capable of open with all his strength meaning the box was sealed with a strong magic which only Sheron was capable of ignore opening Tapion's music box. The mage then tried and finally released Hildegan's upper body and merged it with the lower body sealed on him restoring Hildegan, he then controlled the demons to wreak havoc on West City. He was killed by Piccolo after Vegetto's telepatically communicated with the Namekian who was in the Kami Outlook trying the track down the sorcerer, Vegetto asked Piccolo to track and kill Hoi thus Hildegan probably would die as well but Piccolo said that he was trying to do it way before the Saiyan even asks, when Piccolo finally tracked the mage, he used Mr.Popo's magic carpet to surprise Hoi, Piccolo then vaporized completely the mage with an energy wave not wanting to commit the same mistake that he did against Babidi.

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