Humans (地球人 Chikyūjin) are an advanced and intelligent species who originated on Planet Earth.


Humans in Dragon Ball have some differences to Humans in real life. Some humans can have odd hair colors (for example, Bulma, who has blue/purple hair) and odd features. With the exception of odd hair colors and features, Humans of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Multiverse are identical to their real life counterparts.


Most Humans are much weaker than extraterrestrial species (such as Saiyans and Frost Demons), and are easily defeated. An average Human power level is 5-20. Mr. Satan, Earth's World Champion, has a higher than average power level for a typical Human, could be easily defeated by a low-class Saiyan. However there are super-humans, such as Videl and Krillin of Universe 9, with abnormally high power levels for a Human, who could fight on par with some alien races. These selected Humans are still considerably weaker than Saiyans (such as Goku and Vegeta of Universe 18). There are Humans who are considered weak but can use and control their ki, like Videl of Universe 18 and Videl of Universe 16. When Videl of Universe 18 fought Babidi's Majins, she easily defeated them despite their spike in power.

Saiyan/Human hybrids

Humans and Saiyans have similar reproductive organs, therefore the possibility of Saiyan/Human hybrids can be born. Hybrids have the same potential of power as their Saiyan parent does, and can even become stronger. A hybrid, whose a descendant of the powerful fusion Vegetto, is the strongest hybrid to exist and even comes somewhat close to her father's power. It is unknown if quarter hybrids such as Pan of Universe 18 and Pan of Universe 16 has lesser potential than full-blooded Saiyans or half-Saiyans.

List of notable Humans in DBM

  • Uub of Universe 18, apprentice of Gokū.
  • Krillin of Universe 9, a super-human.
  • Videl of Universe 9, a super-human.
  • Tien of Universe 9, a super-human.
  • Bulma of Universe 16, wife of Vegetto.
  • Videl of Universe 18, wife of Gohan.
  • Chi-Chi of Universe 16, ex-wife of Gokū.

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