Ice Kurima
Alternate names Prince Ice Kurima

Lord Ice Kurima

Debut Chapter 26
Race Frost Demon
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Before Age 242
Height 8'2' Feet (First Restriction Form)

5'2' Feet (True Form)

Weight N/A
  • Artic (ancestor)
  • Emperor Blizzard (father)
  • Frosty (brother)
  • Snower (brother)
  • Chilled (brother)
  • King Cold (nephew)
  • Polar (nephew)
  • Freeza (grandnephew)
  • Cooler (grandnephew)
  • Ice Kurima was the youngest son of Emperor Blizzard, thus is the fourth in line for the throne. He makes his debut in "Hanasia, Queen of The Saiyans".


    Being a member of the Frost Demon lineage, Ice Kurima possesses a plethora of transformations to use. Because of his monstrous appearance he prefers the first reduction from, but for the invasion of planet Plant he returns to is original from.


    After hearing form the death of his brother by the hands of a warrior of an unknown race he vows revenge. Despite sharing the idea that being killed by a Non-Frost-Demon is unimaginable, he commands a fleet of thousands of soldiers, including General Chatterton, the strongest warrior of the court, and the "Hot Squad", four extremely strong soldiers with special abilities. Overkill.

    While his army attacks Plant he and Chatterton follow them in a separate ship and observe the situation. The battle is extremely brutal, and it seems his turn would never come, but finally Hanasia arrives on the battlefield and they start to fight. The seem even, one moment the Super Saiyan seems to be ad advantage, one moment the Frost demon. The longer the battle goes, the more the odds start to bent in his favor, and he lands some serious hits. Ice begins to enjoy the combat, but then Hanasia looks at one of the fake moons shot into the sky by the Tsufuru and transforms into a Golden Ozaru, beating him up really good. But as he powers up to 100% he gets again the upper hand, so the Queen is forced to resort to external help; to evade e terrible energy-blast by the remaining Saiyan-Army he cut her tail and transforms back, surprising Kurima.

    Both are tired and worn-out, so the last round begins. Kurima uses all his strength and is angry at himself to have never trained. At the end he gets overwhelmed by Hanasias new attack, the Garlick Gun, and killed brutally.


    • It's most likely Ice Kurima's name is a pun on "ice cream", a pun on cold temperature, much like his relatives.
    • Ice Kurima is 67 years old, therefore, he is considered a child by the standards of the Frost Demons.