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Jeice u8
Alternate names Jeece
Debut Page 36
Race Mutant/Brench-seijin
  • Freeza (boss)
  • Captain Ginyu (former leader)
  • Burter (comrade)
  • Recoome (comrade)
  • Guldo (former comrade)
  • Jeice (ジース, Jīsu) is a member of Freeza's top team of henchmen, the Ginyu Force. In Universe 18, Jeice teamed up with Burter against Gokū, but was easily defeated, and was later killed by Vegeta. However, in Universe 8, Freeza and the majority of his henchmen are still alive, whereas Captain Ginyu escaped death by switching bodies with several members of Freeza's army. Jeice comes from a universe where Gohan, Bulma and Krillin, Nail, and Goku were killed and Vegeta never went to Namek because he was killed by Krillin.


    The Two Last Survivors

    Jeice is called to assist Recoome and Burter against the intruders. While he runs in the hallway, he is accompanied by Guldo who tells him the happenings on the planet. When the two arrive at the scene, Jeice and Guldo are shocked and angry, which makes Jeice lash out on Nail. Off-screen, Jeice is brutally beaten by Nail.

    Battle On Namek

    Jeice and his team mates never made it to Namek, because Freeza blew it up out of anger of having the Dragon Balls stolen, with Vegeta not distracting them. The Ginyu Force later received an emergency call that a Saiyan was running rampant on Freeza's capital, arrived and was promptly defeated by Gokū. Gokū did not kill Jeice, but he injured him gravely, causing Burter to carry an unconscious Jeice. Jeice did not see his captain being "executed" for their failure, but later became team captain. Out of respect for Ginyu, he decides to keep the name Ginyu force. He now serves as the leader of the most elite team in the Freeza Force. Several minutes later, with the Saiyan and Namekian intruder killed, am unconcious Jeice is held by Burter as his leader is "killed" by Freeza.

    Multiverse Tournament

    First Round

    In the second fight of the tournament, Jeice is matched up in his first round against Freeza from his same universe. Jeice is immediately surprised upon hearing the match-up, and is told by the announcer that all fights are randomly chosen. After receiving a threatening look from Freeza, Jeice politely forfeits the match.

    Specating The Second Round

    During the second round between Freeza and Nappa, he is seen with a shocked expression on his face when Freeza executes Burter. His friend Burter was later revived by the Dragon Balls, making Jeice relieved.

    Third Round: Possessed

    Later on during the tournament, Jeice, along with Burter and an unnamed soldier, were possessed by Babidi.

    Jeice, along with several other soldiers, assist their masters in their massacre. Jeice, along with Salza, invade Universe 9's apartment, however, are quickly disposed of.



    Jeice, along with Burter and an unnamed soldier, were possessed by Babidi of Universe 11.