Jet6 color
Debut Chapter 6
Race Unknown/humanoid
  • Kat (leader/friend)
  • Syd (girlfriend)
  • May (friend)
  • Jet from Universe 6 is a human-like girl who came to the Multiverse Tournament as a spectator. She is part of a group of girls that were invited by the Vargas to participate in the Multiverse Tournament, she came from the same universe where the ruthless Bojack and his group controls.


    Jet is a woman with a slender build and short blonde hair. She wears a sports bra-like top, exposing her midriff, with a mini skirt.

    Multiverse Tournament

    First Round

    Jet spectated the first round between her girlfriend, Syd, and the Saiyan prince, Vegeta, from Universe 13. After Syd was murdered by Vegeta, she mourns her death along with Kat and May.


    • It was implied in the novelization that Jet and Syd, the girl who was killed by Vegeta from Universe 13, were lovers.

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