A Human using Kaio-ken

Kaio-ken is a powerful amplification technique that multiplies one's capabilities in a single "heartbeat".


Universe 9

Many of the Human combatants from this universe know this technique:

Krillin used this technique during both his battles against Salza and Tapion.

Videl used this power when trying to defeat Captain Ginyu (still in King Cold's body).

Tien used it in the novel during his battle against Majin Buu.

Although never seen, Trunks of Universe 9 can use this technique, and push it even farther than Son Gokū of Universe 18.

Universe 16

Though unseen, Vegetto has this technique as well, inheriting it from Gokū upon being born.

Universe 18

Just like in the canon series, Gokū also has this technique, though he has yet to be seen utilizing it.

Uub also knows the technique, learning it from Goku during his training.


  • Instead of saying the multiplication name for the Kaio-ken, all the users in DBM use vague names to describe their multiplier (Kaio-Ken Next Level, Kaio-ken Power One, Stronger Kaio-ken, Maximum Kaio-ken, etc).

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