Debut Page 98
Race Unknown (possibly Earthling)
  • May (friend)
  • Jet (friend)
  • Syd (friend)
  • Kat is a human-like girl from Universe 6. She is part of a group of what Salagir describes as "fan-service" girls.


    Kat's appearance is rather revealing. She is a woman with a slender build and long black hair. She wears a very revealing small jacket and shorts. She also wears golden hoop earrings.

    First Round Match

    Kat's first round match was Kakarotto from Universe 13. Despite her surprisingly excel skill in fighting, she was no match for Kakarotto's endurance. She then performs a technique called "Pheromone Attack" and attempts to mesmerize Kakarotto with her feminine affection. The technique then backfired as Kakarotto fell violently in love with her and started to beat her, demanding her to obey his orders, forfeit and go back with him to the 13th universe balcony, causing her to forfeit the match.

    She is seen again in Chapter 15 commenting on Arale's unusual victory against Mary Sue.


    • In Chapter 20 of the official novel in her fight against Kakarotto from Universe 13, after she showed off her power the Saiyan estimated her power level at ten thousand.

    Tournament Battles

    vs Kakarotto(loss): From page 99 to page 105