Kid Buu charging

Kid Buu from Universe 16. He was only presented in the official novelization about Vegetto's universe in the French section of the site. In this universe Vegetto never released his energy barrier inside Buu's body and proceeded to rescue his friends from the inside of Super Buu. Before leaving, he ripped off Fat Buu's cocoon which made the demon reverting into his original and most dangerous (because of his mindless and dangerous behavior) form. Kid Buu, like in Universe 18, tried to blow up planet Earth out of the blue and Vegetto stopped him.

Once the Earth was safe, Vegetto saw no need to drag the fight out any longer and decided to finish the job. He continuously blasted Kid Buu and reduced him to nothing using his kiai attacks until the creature was completely destroyed.


  • Despite being much weaker than Super Buu, this Buu is not killed by Vegetto's kamehameha, the reason for it is unknown

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