Ghost Cold U3 TF

Ghost Cold in his true form

King Cold of Universe 3 is a minor character in Dragon Ball Multiverse.

King Cold's reason of death is unknown, as Baddack was defeated by King Cold in the Multiverse Tournament.


Not much is known of Cold's backstory in this universe, other than that he was killed at some point and became one of Raichi's ghosts.

Multiverse Tournament

Cold was summoned by Dr. Raichi (Universe 3) alongside his sons to battle against Prince Vegeta (Universe 13). However, as they went on the attack, King Cold was quickly dispatched by Vegeta in two blows.


Cold (Universe 3)

Ghost Cold in his second form

  • Originally, Ghost Cold appeared in his second form, however, this was an error, and the pages were remade to display him in his base true form.

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