King Cold
King Cold U7
Korudo Daiō
Alternate names Cold
Cold Daio
King Cold
Debut Page 917
Race Frost Demon
Date of birth 53 Before Age
Date of death Age 762 (815 years old)
  • Coola (son, deceased)
  • Freeza (son, deceased)
  • King Cold was the Emperor of his Universe until his death at the hands of Gast Carcolh.


    After the death of his sons at the hands of the Super Namek, Cold decides to take revenge on his sons' murderer with his own hands.

    He accessed his true form and waited for Gast Carcolh who arrived to his capital planet in order to kill him. The battle was hard fought but ultimately Cold met his end at the hands of Gast, thus finally bringing the Frost Demons to extinction.[1]


    Cold was exponentially more powerful than his two sons, capable of giving trouble to Gast Carcolh who easily defeated the Frost Demon princes. Gast himself admitted that he couldn't have been capable of defeating Cold at full power, having the need to exhaust him in order to be capable of defeating him.


    Second Restriction Form

    The form King Cold expends most of his time in. In this state his power is comparable to that of his sons.

    First Restriction Form

    Unseen. Cold skipped this form in order to access his True Form for the upcoming battle with Gast Carcolh. In this state his power is superior to that of his sons.

    True Form

    The form he was born in. In this state his power was comparable to that of the Super Namek, having been capable of giving a hard time to Gast even though he couldn't properly control his power. However, because of his inexperience with his true form, Cold couldn't endure a long battle against the Super Namek, becoming tired and notably weaker the longer he fought, giving Gast a chance to defeat him.[1]



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