King Vegeta
KingVegeta3 color
Race Saiyan
  • Vegeta (son)
  • King Vegeta from Universe 3. King Vegeta was the cautious monarch of the Saiyans until he was dethroned by one of his own elite soldiers.


    In this universe, he fought against and lost to Baddack for the title of Saiyan King. Despite this, he maintains (or is mockingly referred to) by his title as "Ex-King Vegeta". While he may or may not have a grudge against Baddack, he willingly volunteers in Baddack's plan to eliminate Freeza. Due to previous revelations, it is apparent that King Vegeta was killed along with the others. According to Salagir's power chart, this King Vegeta has a power level of 9,000; due to his leader role he lacks the same amount of experience and hardening that his Saiyan warriors have undergone.

    It is unknow if he was alive when Vegeta became a Super Saiyan, or what his reaction was. At least he was very proud and warm to emperor Vegeta, before Vegeta killed him.

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