Alternate names Cui


Race Hemadein (fan-name)
  • Freeza (boss)
  • Kiwi is a member of the World Trade Organization and a fighter from Universe 8. He probably has the same power level as he had in our universe since the members of the organization usually do not train very much. The "Universe Information" page confirmed that he came as a spectator and not a fighter.

    Due to Vegeta's death on Earth, this Kiwi escaped his death on Namek, or Cold's capital like in most universes, continuing to serve as an elite under Freeza's force, he grows to a power level of 20000. Given that Zarbon and Dodoria died on Namek, he's one of the strongest members of Freeza's force after the Ginyu Force.

    He originally wanted to enter the tournament, but was bullied by Recoome into taking the losing side of a bet for money, with the loser not entering the tournament. This is similar to Recoome's relationship with Nappa in the past, suggesting Recoome is arrogant to anyone who is not part of the Ginyu Force and weaker than him.

    At first Kiwi resented Recoome for this, however, after their humiliating defeats in the tournament, he is happy he did not enter, as he now gets to laugh in their faces about it. And enjoys the fact that the Ginyu Force lost face in the eyes of Freeza.

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