Race Human
Date of birth Age 736
Date of death Age 753 (revived)
Age 762 (revived)
Age 774 (revived)


Krillin's life was identical to that of his Universe 18 counterpart up until Gokū and Vegeta used the Potara earrings in order to become Vegetto and defeat Majin Buu. In Universe 16, Vegetto sustained his energy barrier after being seemingly absorbed by Buu and, as a result, did not defuse back into Gokū and Vegeta. Following Buu's defeat, Krillin, along with everyone else who had been killed by Buu, was wished back to life.

Years later, Krillin, along with all the other Z-Fighters, was invited to visit Gohan and Videl to see their newborn daughter Pan.

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