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Kulilin9 color
Alternate names Kuririn


Race Earthling
Date of birth Age 736
  • Yamcha(U9)(friend,comrade)
  • Bulma(U9)(friend)
  • Tien(U9)(friend,comrade)
  • Videl(U9)(friend, disciple)
  • Trunks(U9)(friend, disciple)
  • Krillin is a mysterious fighter from Universe 9. Not much has been revealed about his past, but he seems to have battled many foes such as Saiyans, Demons, Cooler's Empire, Androids and Babidi. It also appears that he is the new Kame Sennin. He has definitely not met Goku, and Goku's fate in this Universe is unknown at this point,


    Krillin looks very similar to the Krillins of other universes. He is bald with a white beard similar to Muten Roshi's. His clothes seem to be basic martial arts clothing and not taken from any other character in particular. He has a walking stick and a turtle shell on his back similar to Muten Roshi, but the shell is made out of Katchin, the densest metal in the known universe.


    Adventures (gussed)

    Goku never hit his head as a baby and eventually began slaughering people as a kid, Krillin fought and killed Goku and became Master Roshi's student.

    Krillin later met Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha, they defeated the Red Ribbon Army and later King Piccolo.

    Eventually Raditz arrived on the planet and fought against Krillin and Tien, the two managed to kill Raditz though they died in the battle and went to King Kai's planet where they trained with him.

    Yamcha, Bulma, and Chiaotzu ressurected them with the Dragon Balls years later as Nappa and Vegeta arrived, the Z Fighters managed to defeat Nappa, Vegeta then fought them and transformed into a Great Ape but was eventually defeated and killed by Krillin.

    Since Nappa had killed Yamcha and Chiaotzu, Krillin headed to Planet Namek with Tien to gather their Dragon Balls. On Namek they discovered Cooler and his army were also attempting to obtain them, Krillin and Yamcha defeated Cooler's elite henchmen - including Salza, and the fought Cooler and killed him. They then ressurected Yamcha and Chiaotzu.

    After returining to Earth they were confronted by a vengeful King Cold and his elite soldiers, they defeated Cold and killed him.

    Frieza, and his Armored Squadron later came to the planet seeking to kill the humans, the Armored squad (composed of Jeice, Burter, and Recoome) were easily defeated, Frieza briefly fought them before he transformed into his Fifth Form and fought the heroes but after combing their power they defeated him.

    Kienzan, Kulilin's ultimate and most dangerous technique.
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    At some point after this Yamcha went missing and later returned as Android 17, his friends freed him from Gero's control and they fought and defeated Gero.

    Babiddi and his army eventually arrived in an attempt to ressurect Buu, the Z Fighters braved Babiddi's ship and managed to defeat Pui Pui, Yakon, and Dabura, they then killed Babiddi.

    The Tournament

    In round one of the tournament Krillin was set to fight against Salza of Universe 8. Krillin was shown to have complete control of the fight, as he parried all of Sauza's attacks with ease. Krillin won the match by cutting Sauza in half vertically with his Kienzan attack.

    Goku of Universe 18 arrived to greet him after the match, though Krillin, unaware that Goku was different from other Saiyans, laments that the tournament is full of monsters and evil doers.

    When he and Tien observed Yamcha battling against Android 18, only to forfeit, Krillin and Tien began to tease Yamcha for flirting with the android despite being a married man, though Yamcha ignores them.

    When it was Videl's turn to battle King Cold of Universe 8, Krillin complements that she mastered the Kaio-Ken and the Z Sword to keep up with the Frost Demon even after he's transformed. Later, they had an unexpected guest in the form of the Old Kai, the being sealed inside the Z Sword.

    During the dinner break after the first round of the tournament, Goku once again introduces himself to the members of Universe 9. And this time, Krillin and his friends were able to socialise with the Saiyan, realising that not all Saiyans are evil.

    Krillin is then set to fight against Tapion from Universe 3. When they both entered the ring, they were comically pinned down by the intense gravity of the planet they were on. However, Krillin removed his shell and activated the Kaio-ken to cope with the intense gravity.

    Earlier before the fight, Kakarot confronted Krillin and asked him if he was the Turtle Hermit, much to the latter's dismay. 

    As the fight between Krillin and Tapion begins, both combatants use close combat against each other. However, it is apparent that Krillin has the upperhand in the fight. Realizing this, Tapion then uses the bracelet on his arm to summon the Genmajin Hirudegarn, much to Krillin's awe.

    Despite Krillin's best attacks, Hirudegarn's colossal size, strength and durability as well as the power of intangibility, proved too much for the Hermit. Krillin then relied on his smaller size and speed in order to evade the monster's attacks, deciding to aim for its controller, Tapion.

    Tapion was quick to see Krillin's strategy and uses Hirudegarn to block all of Krillin's attacks before they could reach him, causing him to tire out quickly. Using a new tecjnique called the Scatter Shot, Krillin was able to distract Hirudegarn long enough for him to land a hard blow on Tapion. Despite this, tapion was still able to control Hirudegarn and prevents him from being eliminated. Hirudegarn finally managed to catch Krillin off guard and swat him to the ground with its tail, knocking him out and caused him to lose the match.


    Kamehameha: Being a student of both Roshi and Gohan, Krillin learned the trademark technique of the Turtle School. The user cups both his hands together and draws it back, gathering energy. Saying the incantation, the user will then thrust both arms towards the opponent and fires a massive energy wave.

    Kienzan: Also known as Kienzan, is an attack invented by Krillin that has very sharp edges that can cut through just about anything. This was used to slice Salza clean in half, to counter his Salza Blade.

    Kaio-Ken:  It is a technique that multiplies the user's ki for a "heart beat", enabling them to inflict serious damage to opponents who are considerably stronger than them. We don't know how much Krillen's maximum level for Kaio-Ken is but it appears that he is able to push it further than Goku (Universe 18) ever could.

    Scatter Bullet: It is a large energy wave fired and sent up into the air. When fired, it is slow, as noted by Piccolo and Yamcha. It then splits into smaller, but faster ki spheres that attack the foe at medium speeds, inflicting considerable damage.Like his counterparts, Krillin can use this technique. However, this time the spheres are replaced with miniature Kienzans.


    • According to the DBM official novel chapter 72, this Krillin can perform the kaioken technique, it was stated by Videl when implied by Gohan U18 how she had learned it. At one point in his history he and Tien died, crossed the serpent way and trained under King Kai.
    • Krillin trained under Son Gohan in universe 9.

    Tournament Battles

    against Sauza(win): From Page 142 to Page 149

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